Another Year Comes to a Close…

Hi everyone!!

We have not updated everyone in a while, we apologize! We have been extremely busy with shows and gigs and now we want to share with you what we have been up to…


After our second place win in Boston at the ICCAs, the gospel section put on a powerful performance back at MCLA on February 22nd and 23rd. It was Jay Cottle’s, our wonderful gospel director and founding member, last time directing. The show went wonderfully with plenty of upbeat praise songs as well as soulful worship songs. We got the audience on their feet and participating in a few songs too!




The Allegrettos made it to the semi-finals at M.I.T. in Boston! We performed with some amazing groups and had a blast! We have the loudest fans according to the stage crew, we have amazing support when ever we perform and we are so thankful. Our set was energetic and powerful opening with Happy Ending by MIKA then moving into a fast paced Run by Gnarls Barkely and then finishing strong with Breath of Life by Florence and the Machine. During the results, our very own Jasmine Garcia won best soloist of the night and we could not be more proud! The group did not place unfortunately, BUT we did come in 4th after looking at our score sheet. That puts us in the tops 20 in the country so we’ll take it!




MadJacks BBQ in Pittsfield, MA invited the group to headline their Gospel Brunch event that is held on one Sunday every other month. A small section of the gospel choir went down to the restaurant did a great set of all our favorites. The crowd was energetic and the food was delicious! We are looking forward to working with MadJacks again in the Fall.



Still vibing off our our ICCA energy, our A Capella section put on a great concert on April 5th and 6th, “The Art of Noise.” We performed our songs that we in our sets for the ICCAs as well as some new songs. The feel was laid back and fun and was a time to celebrate all that our A Capella section has accomplish this year.



We had a few smaller events and gigs in between as well, needless to say, we have been a busy busy group but we love it!

~The ‘grettos

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