Back With a Bang

So I guess we can say auditions went pretty well for us this year.

We began in 2009 with 10.

Last year we had about 30.

This year? 56.

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Our first EVER graduating seniors!

Our first EVER graduating seniors!

We said goodbye to Nick Raby, Tony Tofani, Jon Sapienza, Aurora Cooper, Matthew Borkowski, and Dan McDermott (not pictured) at the top of the world. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment.
We wish you the best guys!!

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Sweet Disposition

Not to toot our own horn but….that concert was petty damn awesome.

In Melody Rolph’s directorial debut, the Allegrettos performed their third (and best) a capella concert entitled Sweet Disposition.

We played to the most packed house we’ve ever had and felt pure adrenaline when we were done.

You really should have been there people.

BUT for those of you that weren’t, we put up some videos.

We’re always thinking about ya.

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We have been quite busy!

We performed in Boston to a spectacular audience and had an amazing time!

The following week we went to Springfield to tape for WGBY, and the folks there always treat us so well that we had a blast. Lots of laughter! (And amazing singing that should be voted for here

After that we had a nice lunch and were blown away by an amazing A Capella concert hosted by the I.C.C.A folks.

The following week was show time! Hands down our best concert….ever (we put some highlights up on the Performances page)

So what’s left you ask? The last week in March is when we’ll have our fantastic A Capella Concert! (Thursday March 29, Friday March 30) Stay tuned for more info, and while you’re at it, check out our blog!

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A Concert Abroad…

Abroad may be a bit of a stretch, but on Feb. 4th the MCLA Allegrettos will be performing a full length Gospel Concert at the Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church as part of a fund-raiser for the renovation of the 3rd floor used primarily for youth programming. If you’re in the area feel free to stop by at 4pm on the 4th!

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Caroling Season

Congratulations to the MCLA Allegrettos to their second place $500 win in the 1st annual Caroling Festival!

This was by far our busiest caroling season. Not only did we participate in the caroling festival, we caroled for the North Adams Housing Authority, the patients of North Adams Regional hospital and a local Williamstown Nursing home, at Williams College for their annual winter vendor fair, and of course, our lovely MCLA Community.

Happy Holidays!

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Thanks for stopping by and visiting the MCLA Allegretto website!

Let this be a hub for any and all information you need.

If you are moved by what you see and hear on this page, and would like to work with us, or just communicate in general, please feel free to email us @


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